Photo exhibition «Magic realism»

Photo exhibition «Magic realism»

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Photo exhibition «Magic realism»

July 27, 2021 Олеся Гудыма, 538

3 angels

– 90х110 cm, c., o., 2014 y.;

Blue dreams

– 110х100 cm, c., o., 2020 y.


– 100х160 cm, c., o., 2020 y.;

Look inside

– 100х110 cm, c., o., 2020 y.;

Miracle of life

– 120х150 cm, c., o., 2020 y.;

Shining Angel

– 120х140 cm, c., o., 2020 y.;

Ukrainian soul

– 120х150 cm, c., o., 2019 y.;


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