Rules for accepting applications and materials for participation in the Festival




Pay attention to the application form “Speaker” and “Viewer”.

A “Speaker” is a person involved in the creation of the content of the speech: the author, presenter, operator, editor (if the presentation was prepared by the team). The speaker shall be noted as the author of the respective speech for the protection of copyright. The speaker’s coordinates are put on the map in the «Festival Geography» section. Each speaker is given a Profile with all the information (photo, organization, mini-resume, links to accounts in social networks, etc.) necessary for promotion on the network.

A “Viewer” is a participant who watches the speech of other participants and takes part in two-way communication. For example, he can be included in a chat in the WhatsApp messenger or be present in a conference in Zoom, where he can ask questions and receive answers to them.

Speakers and Viewers receive their account on the Festival website and can leave comments on the pages with the speech of other participants.

All participants (speakers and viewers) at the end of the Festival receive a Certificate of Participation with the signatures and seal of the organizers.

Festival materials will be freely available. Registration is not required to view the speech or photo exhibition. But in this case, there will be no feedback and no participant certificate.

The Application Form is available at:

Required fields:

  1. First name, Last name
  2. Email is non-public information available only to administrators. Required for email newsletter and certificate submission.
  3. Phone number (mobile), non-public information available only to administrators. Required for newsletters, contacting the organizers, including in WhatsApp chat, etc.
  4. Available messengers . This field indicates the messengers that you prefer to use for communication, so that we can conduct a dialogue with you in the most convenient format for you.
  5. Address . The country, city and, if necessary, the exact address of the object are indicated. It is at these coordinates that your personal marker will be displayed on the map in the “Festival Geography” section
  6. Photography . Your portrait photo to be used as an avatar. Only the image of YOU, a real person, is accepted. Photo can be both official (“as for a passport”) and artistic, there are no restrictions. Photo size – no less than 1080×1080 pixels, no more than 10 megabytes.
  7. In this paragraph you indicate your attitude to the topic of your speech . “Professional” (that is, your profession is associated with history, archeology, etc.) or “Amateur” (you work in any other field, but do history, art, etc. as a hobby). This item does not in any way indicate the level of your knowledge.
  8. Type of speech. Item for Speakers (not included in the Spectator’s application). Video speech, photo exhibition or text presentation. Material requirements will be detailed below.
  9. Social media profiles . This field is optional. If you want to provide links to your pages in popular social networks – Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte and others. This field contains links only to personal profiles ! Thematic communities and groups of clubs / organizations / associations are sent separately to the organizers of the Festival in personal communication and are posted by agreement.
  10. Brief description of the speech . Literally in one sentence – what is your presentation about?
  11. Your line of business . Briefly in a nutshell, so that other participants understand who they are communicating with – a museum specialist, archaeologist, historian, ethnographer, reenactor, photographer, artist, tour operator, ethnographer, etc.
  12. Your Organization (if any). Your place of work or hobby club. By agreement with the organizers, it is possible to place your organization’s logo in the “Our partners” block, as well as active links to sites, communities in social networks, etc.

Please be understanding and fill in all fields marked as required.


All materials are accepted by mail
Possible options for uploading an archive with materials on file hosting

Participants’ speeches are divided into three types:

Requirements for Video Presentation:

  1. Videos are accepted in HD quality (1920х1080px), format: .avi, .mp4
  2. Video length – from 6-10 to 40 minutes. By agreement with the organizers, the length of the video can be increased.
  3. The opening and closing screensavers of the Festival are added by the technical support of the Festival.
  4. If you need to add titles to the video, then it is advisable to attach a text document describing which text and at what minute / second of the video the title should appear and disappear. This is to achieve consistency in the participants’ video presentations.
  5. To the video it is necessary to attach a text document with a transcript of the text spoken in the video. The festival’s technical support will add subtitles in several languages ​​to all videos, the translation of which will be based on the text in the document you sent.
  6. Each video must be accompanied by a thematic photo (will be used as the background of the video cover) and a portrait photo of the speaker (s), which will also be used to decorate the video cover. Image quality for background: HD and above (minimum 1920x1080px). The quality of the participant’s photo is at least 1080x1080px. The video cover design is developed by the technical support of the Festival, only materials are required from the participants.

Video cover example:

  1. If necessary, the technical support of the Festival can provide you with free assistance in editing your video.
  2. The video does not have to be filmed with a professional video camera. You can record your performance even on a mobile phone camera. In this case, the mobile phone must be held horizontally in order to receive horizontal video at the output. Vertical videos are discouraged!

Example Video Presentation >

Text presentation requirement

  1. Article. Text in a text document + separately illustrative material (if any) in .jpg / .png format, quality not lower than HD (1920x1080px).
    We kindly ask you not to insert photos into a text document .doc / .docx (MS Word format)! Text separately – illustrations separately!
  2. Presentation. Text and illustrations in .pdf format, albom or portrait orientation. There are no special requirements in this format. The number of pages is not limited, but the optimal number is 10-30 pages.

The cover photo of the article must be attached to the text presentation. Format .jpg / .png, quality not lower than HD (1920х1080px).

Example of Article >

Example of Presentation >

Photo exhibition requirements:

  1. Photos in at least HD quality (1920x1080px). .Jpg / .png format.
  2. The quantity of photos is not limited. The most optimal amount: 10-30, more is possible.
  3. Required information about the exhibition:
    • Name of exhibition.
    • A brief description of the exhibition, characterizing its essence and theme.
  4. It is advisable to provide each photo of the exhibition with a short description, but this is an optional parameter.

Example of Photo Exhibition >

Performances can be combined at the request of the Participant. For example, Video + Article or Photo Exhibition + Presentation . At the discretion of the Participant. The main thing is that the constituent parts are consistent with each other. Combined performances will be posted on one page.

The Expert Council of the Festival reserves the right to check the submitted materials for reliability, scientific character, literacy of presentation. Unreliable, pseudoscientific, as well as offending someone’s honor and dignity, materials that violate the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan will not be allowed to post.

Nota Bene. If You can not make something, write to or WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram at +77073969384 (Vitaly), we will help! In any case, we are waiting for stories.

Slogan of “IV International Festival of Ancient Technologies and Cultural Communications named after Thor Heyerdahl “Desht-Thor “: Reconstruction. Tourism. Travel.