Reenactment of the «Spätzle» dish. History


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Reenactment of the «Spätzle» dish. History

August 9, 2020 Марина Боровинских, Ирина Кайзер, Евгения Гизик, 0 865

«Spaetzle» (German «Spätzle») is a type of pasta.

The dish came to us from the Alemanns (Swabians) – these are Germanic tribes who lived in the upper Danube and Rhine. Mentioned for the first time in sources of the beginning of the 3rd century AD. e. The name «Alemanni» has been preserved in a number of Romance and Turkic languages as «Alaman», meaning Germans.

«Spetzle» literally means «arrows» in German. This is a type of pasta made from wheat flour and eggs in the form of small pieces of dough, boiled in boiling water or fried in oil, which are shaped like «Spaetzle» arrows or «Knöpfle» buttons. Previously, there were no special kitchen appliances and «Spaetzle» were made by hand or with a spoon. As a result, they resembled in shape what the Swabians (South Germans) call «Spatzen», that is, «arrow». Hence the diminutive «Spätzle» was born. (more…)