The history of the Republican public organization of Germans

The history of the Republican public organization of Germans “Wiedergeburt” (“Revival”) in Kazakhstan

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The history of the Republican public organization of Germans “Wiedergeburt” (“Revival”) in Kazakhstan

August 10, 2020 Ирина Кайзер, Евгения Гизик, 923

The All-Union Society of Soviet Germans “Wiedergeburt” is a socio-political, cultural and educational association, the main goals and objectives of which was to ensure the ethnic self-preservation of Germans in the Soviet Union republics. It was created in March 1989 in Moscow.

The German House is a cultural and social center of the German population of the republic, a center for organizing and implementing measures to help ethnic Germans with the financial support of the FRG, was opened on August 25, 1994 in Alma-Ata. The office of the Alma-Ata Executive Bureau of “Wiedergeburt” is located in the German House.

The main activities of “Wiedergeburt”  are associated with the preservation and revival of the historical and cultural heritage, traditions, customs, the German language, with social support for labor soldiers, repressed and low-income citizens, education and support of young people, as well as with the development of cooperation with German-speaking countries.

With financial assistance from the German Ministry of Internal Affairs, “Wiedergeburt”  has been implementing projects for more than 20 years: a network of meeting centers, schools of optional education, project management, educational information centers (BiZ), a network of social stations, spa treatment, the German Social Fund, linguistic camps and much more. The Republican German Drama Theater and the newspaper Deutsche AllgemeineZeitung are supported by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1995, Regional “Wiedergeburt”  Societies have been actively participating in the activities of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, thereby contributing to the strengthening of peace, friendship, interethnic and interfaith harmony in the Republic.

Public Association “Wiedergeburt”  inNur-Sultan and Akmola region.

On February 14, 1989 in Tselinograd, the social-political and national-cultural club “Einheit” was created under the chairmanship of Andrei KarlovichRende.

On August 16, 1990, the “Wiedergeburt”  Society of Germans was registered in Tselinograd.

In 1994, a humanitarian and educational complex “Kindergarten-School-Gymnasium” was opened, which still functions today. Children graduate from the complex with knowledge of the German language and DSD diplomas (Das Deutsche Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz). Knowledge of the language allows children to enter international universities.

On June 01, 2012, the public organization was renamed and registered as the Public Association “Society of Germans “Wiedergeburt”of Astana city and Akmola region”.

Since 2001, the chairman is Igor Vernerovich Berg.

The Society of Germans “Wiedergeburt” is a member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and actively takes part in all city and republican events. The House of Friendship has provided an office in which you can get acquainted with a small part of our culture. Ethnocultural events are held here. The doors are open to everyone! Every year we hold Days of German Culture in the capital on the territory of the House of Friendship.

Main directions of activity:

  • restoration and development of the language, education, culture and religion of the Germans;
  • development of comprehensive cooperation with German-speaking countries;
  • promoting the creation of classes and groups in educational institutions for the study of the German language;
  • studying the problems of the German population and representing its interests in state and other public associations of the Republic;
  • assistance to the mutual enrichment of national cultures, nations and nationalities, economic and social support of German society.

An important role in the “Wiedergeburt” German society is assigned to the social work sector. With the support of the German government, charitable projects are carried out for persons of German nationality. The social block is responsible for providing assistance to labor soldiers, disabled people of groups 1,2,3, single people with a minimum pension, large families, and low-income pensioners.

Various social projects are being implemented: a center for social services, solidarity assistance, academies for seniors are being held. At the House of Friendship there is a “Nordic Walking” circle.

All types and areas of activity of the Public Association “Society of Germans”Wiedergeburt”of Nur-Sultan and the Akmola region” are united: the Meeting Center, events uniting different generations are held, Sunday School, where children learn Kazakh and German languages, get acquainted with the traditions of German and Kazakh people, celebrate various holidays, the Center for additional preschool education “Wunderkind”, in which the youngest participants receive additional preschool education for successful learning in schools.

Active German youth play an important role. The “Diamant” club has existed since 1996. The club members are young people, aged from 14 to 29 years old, they are also part of the ZhangyruZholy youth movement. Motto: “Start with yourself, and the world will become brighter!” The preservation of ethnic identity, the study of the traditions and customs of ethnic Germans, the development of the creative potential of young people – these are the main goals of the youth block. The “Diamant” Theater Studio operates at the youth club. It was founded in 2009 and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. Our youth actively participates in city, republican events held by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, representing their ethnic group.

We honor the traditions and customs of our ancestors, preserving the culture and language of our ethnic group. We love our Motherland – Kazakhstan, where a single people – the people of Kazakhstan – live amicably in wide open spaces.

And today we present to your attention the reconstruction of the German dish “Spätzle”.

Конференция Всесоюзного общества советских немцев «Возрождение» в Москве

День памяти депортации немцев, АЛЖИР 2016

Коллектив Креатив клуба

Чествование ветеранов и трудоармейцев

Молодежный лингвистический лагерь

Танцевальный коллектив Expressions

The Festival Administration does not share the political views of the participant and condemns the military invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

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